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Má Phanh Absoluteblack Shimano Road pads (Disc 34)

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GRAPHENpads® - Disc Brake Pads

Regain full control of your braking. Graphenpads® inspire new level of confidence during descend. They are a completely new benchmark for the braking pad industry thanks to our unique approach to the design of backplate cooling fins, bespoke backplate coating with graphene as well as a completely new friction compound, which uses specially modified graphene instead of toxic copper...... DISC 34 - for Shimano Dura Ace and similar ; DISC35 - for Sram eTap AXS, Level Ultimate and similar ; DISC 27 - for Shimano XTR and similar ; DISC 31 - for Sram G2 and similar ; DISC 15 - for Shiimano Deore and similar

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